English yoga sessions has started in İzmir with Canan Yıldırım in Güzelbahçe Kahramandere
English yoga sessions has started in İzmir with Canan Yıldırım in Güzelbahçe Kahramandere

Hello everyone

I hope you are great and having joyful and improving days. Today I had my work out, have done my yoga session and started day amazing.

If you also would like to join my yoga, pranayama, meditation, antigravity yoga, aerial and fly yoga,  pilates, personal development and training sessions, now it is great time to start because winter is coming and we will easily gain weight, because of sitting in same position all day. Our posture will be messed up and during years we will have back, neck and joint pains.

It is possible to stop this before we have chronic illnesses. After we have these king of problems, it is more difficult, and takes more time to heal them.



English yoga lessons in Güzelbahçe İzmir heals your body and mind.
English yoga lessons in Güzelbahçe İzmir heals your body and mind.

Physical incapabilities are decreasing our life quality very much. Even if we are in a good shape, life is not going as we wanted always. Mentally we may also have some issues. Our mind can be full of thoughts and memories. Thanks to yoga it is also possible to relax our mind and soul, inrease the immunity.

If you want to join and have information about my sessions and events please follow my instagram and contact me via instagram luminylife adress.

Secondly I give you another opportunity to make your life better, improve yourself and help others to heal themselves. Start yoga and training sessions with me, invite your friends and we become a bigger family together.

On the other hand with your support also we can help other people to realize how great is to taking care of yourself and others.

Soon my social projects will start. I want to organise meetings and events to help physically or mentally troubled people. If you also want to join these kind of projects please contact me via instagram (luminylife)

Canan Yıldırım



Hi everyone

If you like to make holiday and learn new activities its gonna be a great opportunity to join Canan Yıldırıms yoga, meditation, breathing and paddle board yoga sessions.

Yoga sessions will be a great opportunity after a long working days to calm your mind and refresh your body. Also you can get rid of back, ne

Alaçatı Çeşme'de yoga, nefes, sup, padlle board yoga dersleri başlamıştır.
 Yoga, nefes, sup, padlle board yoga sessions has started at Alaçatı Çeşme

ck and knee pain problems and posture disorders. Your body gives some signals before illnesses. Thanks to yoga poses you will learn to listen your body and prevent illnesses before it happened.

  • Yoga increases oxgen circulation in your body, lowers cholestrol.
  • There is evidence to suggest thay yoga may lower blood glucose level.
  • Yoga help your lungs work efficiently.
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance and immunity.
  • Yoga gives massages to internal organs so it prevent you from diseases,
  • Help you to find balance and creates more efficient metabolism,
  • Yoga stimulates the detoxification of your body so it delays aging,
  • Its an excellent method to strenghten your body,
  • Yoga also helps you to sleep better, great healing for skin problems and purification of body,
  • It helps yuu to reduce stress, anxiety

Also while you make activities like surfing, swimming, kite boarding, wake boarding you may have some muscle pain problems which will make your next day a nightmare because of pain. Also if you are not elactic enough you may have injuries. To be able to get rid of these problems you can join Canan Yıldırıms yoga sessions at Ion Club Alaçatı and clean your mind, refresh your body be ready for the next day.

Canan Yıldırım is arranging the sessions according to your yoga level. Even if you are a begginner or a professional yogini or yogi you will find a session for you.

On the other hang if you want you can join our yoga, pranayama, breathing, art, shamanic camps. Its possible to have english and french sessions. For more information please call us: +90 531 525 77 47