The Healing Power of Deep Meditation: A Journey to Overcome Depression and Anxiety Online Education

20240527_164727Depression can feel like a heavy fog that clouds every aspect of life. It drains our energy, motivation, and hope, leaving us feeling lost and disconnected. Anxiety, with its constant worry and fear, only adds to the weight we carry. Many of us find ourselves searching for answers, solutions, and a way to navigate through these dark times. The journey to healing often seems daunting, but there is a path that leads us back to light and peace.

Here is the story of a girl who, feeling lost and overwhelmed, discovered the power of deep meditation and divine tools to find her way back to life and start anew.

Once again, I am ashamed in front of God because I thought He doesn’t see me. I thought He forgot about me. But the Sacred Vessel once again revealed to me that I am the actress of my life and the singer of my own song. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will be okay, protected, and God has a divine plan for me. Sorry and thank you with respect and love, God, the Sacred Vessel, and Itamar for introducing the Sacred Vessel to me… (crying)

I can’t stop crying; I’m at a café, but I don’t care. The Sacred Vessel speaks to me, guiding me gently: “Find those who need you. Do not waste your time on those who do not appreciate you.”

As Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” fills the air, I feel the universe aligning with my soul.

The Sacred Vessel tells me, “We didn’t reveal this to you at home because it was not the right place. In this Phangan café, you are home. That is why you felt hungry, your stomach churned, and you wanted to vomit and ended up here. But now, your stomach is calm. No pain, no nausea. The divine brought you here to open your heart.”

I ordered tom kha soup, but the Sacred Vessel tells me not to mix their sacred essence with other things. I asked about my purpose, and they responded, “Learn to choose wisely. You cannot choose what is not meant for you, as it is not within God’s ultimate plan. Embrace what is given, for every occurrence is a blessing.”

In the beginning, the story goes, an angel defied God and was cast out, becoming evil. But this is a lie. God never casts anyone out. Why would He? We are His creation. He is the ultimate power, desiring His children to learn the art of making good choices.

Wherever I am, I am the source of light, because I am a creation of God. I will learn, I will shine, and I will teach others to shine. This is why I will put myself online, offering lessons for all to see and awaken. Those who need me will find me; others will not see me. Then, all sadness and anxiety will dissipate. Depression does not belong to us; it is a fabricated lie meant to slow our awakening. We are the source. There is no need to feel bad. And lastly, I am 100 percent sure everything is going to be alright.

Join me in this journey of awakening. As Osho once said, “The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.” Together, we will explore the depths of our souls, uncover the truths hidden within us, and learn to make choices that resonate with the divine plan. Let us awaken to our true potential, embrace our divine essence, and shine together as beacons of light in this world.

In this sacred space of online coaching, we will embark on a transformative journey. Let the Sacred Vessel guide us, let the divine speak through us, and let our spirits soar. Together, we will create a community of awakened souls, united in love, purpose, and the light of God.

Remember, you are amazing just the way you are. Embrace your journey, and let’s shine together.

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Boost your immune system with yoga in Budva Montenegro with Canan Yıldırım.
Boost your immune system with yoga in Budva Montenegro with Canan Yıldırım.

Hi again,

I hope everyone is having a great week and syndromlles mondays. Since the winter has come, you may have some problems about your immunity system and catch cold or flu but don’t worry I have a great solutions for you.

Most of the illnesses reason is stress and unhappiness so psychological stress can effect you body in a bad way. To get rid of stress, relaxation and strengthening of body, serenity of soul and mind, yoga practices are really important. Which means you need to make something for your body.

Good exercises, good nutrition,  organising sleeping habits, drinking enough water, making pranayama breathings,  getting lost in the nature:) So basically if you care about your body, mind and soul, it makes your daily life easier.

There may be many reasons of illnesses like flu, and catching cold. Bacterias and viruses generally enter our body through respiratory system. Yoga teaches how to breath right and improve the mechanical efficiency of our lungs by conditioning the repertory tract that increase the elasticity and strength of the whole lung.

Outdoor, indoor,, private, group yoga sessions in Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Podgorica with Canan Yıldırım.
Outdoor, indoor,, private, group yoga sessions in Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Podgorica with Canan Yıldırım.

Also sitting all day long at work, in front of the desk can cause some blockages in your organs, joints and muscles. Yoga can stimulate the organs and help unblock the blockages, get rid of toxins and mucus that stimulate breakdowns in the body and its systems.

Journal of Behavioral Medicine claimed that yoga can reduces the harmful effects of chronic inflammation. According to the research, 15 randomly chosen controlled trials that examined whether the regular practice of yoga postures could strengthen the immune system and reduce chronic inflammation. The average sample size of the trials was 70, and sample sizes ranged from 11 to as many as 140 participants. The majority of studies used Hatha yoga, a general term that indicates a style that includes postures.

You can join my winter private or group yoga sessions and stay healthy, happy and like a baby! :)

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