We are not perfect creatures. There are a lot of things going on around us but  we can observe very little of them. Thats because it is very difficult to understand this world with our undeveloped observation system and our senses. Lack of capability of understanding the world with our senses.

We can not understand well enough because we don’t know how to see. Eyes don’t see. If they would, we would not think the sun is moving while we watch the sunset. Actually sun is not moving, the word is moving. It is turning around itself. However we do not understand it while watching sunset with our eyes.

That can prove that we can not understand the world with our 5 senses. We need


something else. We need to meditate and make our brain silent because when it starts to talk ego (ahamkar) also starts to talk and then we start to judge. We judge everything with our little brain. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes angry, sometimes upset, sometimes we are lost. Emotional turbulences does not have to mass our life. We can control that.

Göktürk Yoga Sessions in the Nature
Göktürk Yoga Sessions in the Nature

With the best exercises, breathing, meditation and relaxation, we can try to be the better/best version of ourselves. We can make our brain silent and built up a new sense. The sixth sense.  For the development and understanding of our existence we need to make better choices.

After Izmir, Luminy Life and Canan Korkmaz now in Istanbul. Like in Izmir they will try to make the best version of yourselves, feel better, help you to have a clear, fresh, serene and calm  mind for your personal development and improvement.

We will soon have  transformation, rejuvenation, water and aqua yoga camp. For

Outdoor Yoga Sessions in Istanbul Göktürk
Outdoor Yoga Sessions in Istanbul Göktürk

more information about other programs like personal training, pilates and etc. please call us. 0 537 684 94 99

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